Are you considering having hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis to stop smoking or vaping has proved to be successful in helping people to quit easily and effortlessly. Perhaps it sounds a bit hocus pocus and maybe a little strange. But as you just don’t know what will happen you want to know more? You have seen stage hypnotists and really don’t want to quack like a duck or sing like Elvis.

There’s no need to worry; here I share with you how my stop-smoking hypnosis programme works. What your commitment will be and the cost involved. Along with hypnotherapy I use coaching and some techniques from NLP in my session. The combination of them influences how you think and feel about smoking. It is important to me that you are 100% committed. You have to really want to give up smoking, quitting your addiction and changing your habit once and for all.

Lighting up after you quit

If you light up, don’t get discouraged

Many people have often tried to quit many times, before giving up cigarettes or vaping once and for all. If you light up, don’t get discouraged. Try something different until you get there, and believe me you will. Are you wondering about hypnosis to quit smoking? This is how it goes when you work with me.

My programme works for you no matter if you smoke tailormade cigarettes, roll-ups and joints or if you use a vape/e-cigarette. Each programme is personal to you. It works regardless of if you smoke/vape regularly all day long or if you are an occasional smoker. Without exception all our sessions are confidential.

When you choose to work with me your hypnosis to stop smoking or vaping cessation will involve a programme of three therapy sessions. Plus additional exercises, activities and actions for you to complete before and after the sessions. This is how the programme works, if you have any questions do ping me an email or give me a call 07434 750660.


When we’ve agreed our first meeting I will send you a link to my online Smoking Cessation Questionnaire for completion. This is the first step in me getting to know you and what your motivations for quitting smoking are. It helps me understand your beliefs and any concerns you have about stopping smoking. It is important that I tailor your session specifically for you.

In the questionnaire, I will ask you to describe how you think your life will be different as a non-smoker. This is a very important part of the process. I will ask you to write as if it has already become true and in as much detail as possible. This is the goal we will be working towards.

I’ll ask that you complete this at least three days before we meet. This gives me the chance to review it and prepare for our first session.


Smoking Cessation Journal I will ask you to complete a Smoking Journal for a minimum of a week before your first session. This is essential for bringing smoking into your awareness your conscious mind. We will be able to evaluate any risky times or situations that might hinder your progress.

The journal will help you keep track of how much you are smoking. When, and why you are deciding to smoke or vape. What your triggers and habits are. You’ll also be able to compare your desire to smoke against the pleasure you get.

Discovery session

Our first meeting will be a discovery session lasting from between 30-45 minutes. We will identify the potential barriers, your beliefs, to work out a plan and decide on a start date. This is where I gain as much information about you and the addiction/habit as possible and to start your change.

There will be some practical discussion about life still changes. We will identify any areas that may be difficult for you. You will begin to see yourself quitting along with developing some strategies to help.

You will also receive a guided relaxation to listen to between sessions

Action plan

Between your discovery session and your quit session, I will ask you to create an Action Plan. Using what you learnt in our session and the content of your Smoking Journal you will note the times that will be more difficult for you to avoid smoking. The situations you might run into and how you will handle them. You’ll create a written plan with tactics to help you avoid them. Be able to distract yourself, make changes or do things differently. This you will use after your quit session.

Quit session

The second session with me is your quit date, it will last around 90-120 minutes. This is where we make changes. I will use a hypnosis script, coaching and NLP and you commit to being a non-smoker. Your session will be personalised for you with a hypnosis script specific to your needs.

It is difficult to be specific about the content of this session as any list would not exhaustive. Any change work will be tailored made for you. It may include removing limiting beliefs. Creating new empowering beliefs that support your decision to quit. We will work on making the thought of smoking repulsive to you. You will learn how to feel good whenever you choose. This will help you overcome any craving you may experience. Along with many other interesting and transformative change tools.

You will given a recording of your hypnotherapy session


Man reading text message

After your quit session, you will receive Ongoing Support (optional). This will be contact by text or email and will encourage you, keep you focussed and accountable. I am also available by telephone but you may need to leave a message.

Accountability session

The third session is an Accountability Session of between 35-45 minutes. This meeting is arranged approximately seven days after your quit session. It is optional but recommended. This meeting helps keep you accountable, designed around your needs and celebrates your success. You can choose for this session to be a talking session, a hypnotherapy session, a relaxation and Indian Head Massage or a combination.Quit smoking

The massage comes highly recommended as it has a dual purpose. It is a reward for your achievement and helps you learn to relax completely. It will help reduce any tensions as you continue being a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Just in case

The final piece to the process also includes a follow up Just In Case Session. It literally is for just in case you have a slip-up or have slipped back. Sometimes even when someone is doing really well, an occasion happens. It can be so easy to either think they’ll try it or are encouraged by others and decide to have just the one. This session is available to reassure that it is not the end, that it can be overcome and it is not the end of the world. It can be taken within the first 3 months; I have yet to have anyone take me up on this.

Now you know what is included in a session and the commitment you need to make. But what about the practicalities?

Where, when, and how much?

The price for the sessions with me is approximately the cost of buying 20 packs of 20 cigarettes, based on UK prices.

The where and when is that I work worldwide via Zoom, and I also work from my office within my family home. I’m available for smoking cessation appointments during the day Monday to Friday. There is some availability in the evenings and at weekends.


How about quitting with others to give you support?

I also run online group coaching to quit smoking, it’s called the Quitters Club! You get all of the above but spread over 6 sessions plus the support of other heartie quitters that know how it feels. Plus a private Facebook or WhatsApp group to encourage you on your journey. Why not join the waitlist and work with a team of people, just like you.