You hear a lot about how life changing NLP can be, but what is NLP? It’s an acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that was developed in the 1970’s. It is a quick and effective coaching therapy that helps you live and love life in a way that you want to quickly and easily. It breaks negative thought patterns, changes behaviours, improves how you feel, creating excellence and setting life-changing goals.

The Society of NLP. Sallie Crawley. My Heart & Mind. How 2 Feel Good Now.Change how you think, feel and behave

I believe that when you change how you think, you’re able to effect change in the way you feel and behave therefore building a more positive outlook for your life.

NLP is based on the assumption that the unconscious mind might be “programmed”. This is much as a computer would be but through the use of language, as well as through images, sounds, and other sensory input. It is concerned with the relationship between the mind/body (neuro). It focuses on communication, including non-verbal, how we describe and categorise our world and to make sense of our experience (linguistic) and the patterns of thought and behaviour that help or hinder us (programming).

It’s the science of how the brain stores learning and experience. This affects all communication and behaviour. How you learn and how you experience the world around you. It is a key to reaching goals and changing behaviours such as habits.

Used extensively in enhancing sports performance for athletes from the amateur to the world-class level. NLP is a well-defined and reliable approach to ‘running your own mind’ for greater satisfaction and ease with far more rapid results.

A simple yet powerful approach to personal development. It is based on the study of successful human performance in which the methods of very effective people are studied. It’s similar to an ‘owner’s manual’ for your brain!


The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming. ANLP. Sallie Crawley. My Heart & Mind. How 2 Feel Good Now.When we were young

At school and college you learnt wonderful things like history, geography and algebra. But we did not learn much about how to feel good or to have great relationships

I can assist you to actively use your mind, emotions and body to run your life more successfully. Help you to communicate with other people better. It can help you to improve how you think, behave and feel. To do whatever you already do reasonably well, even better. Acquire skills and attitudes to do what you cannot do right now, but would like to be able to do. Learn how to manage your thoughts, moods and behaviours more effectively.

Courses of ‘treatment’ are solution focused and short in comparison with other therapies. Another benefit is that it can be carried out largely ‘content free’. This means that I, the practitioner, generally need know only in broad terms what you wish to change, yet the process are still effective.

With NLP you can enjoy far greater control and freedom over your own state of mind, responses, and interactions with others. You’ll find it much easier to clarify your dreams for the future and identify barriers that may be holding you back. Change the unwanted habits and behaviours that are standing in your way. Understand your friends, colleagues, partners and children’s needs and communication styles more fully. Enhance rapport and communication with others.