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Supporting you with your mental and emotional health after a cardiac event to help you achieve the necessary life style changes to reduce your risk factors.

I use hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming and life coaching along with other therapies. They are about helping you create mindset change easily and effortlessly. They are solution focussed techniques and have been found to create transformation relatively quickly and have lasting positive effects.

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Free Stuff

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Mock Ups of Heart Tracker

Do you want to know what your heart is up to?

I’ve created this free heart tracker to keep track of your heart and health after hospital discharge. Use it for your own peace of mind or share it with your healthcare professionals when needed. 

Stay on track and feel safe.

Get Your Free Emotional Cardiac Rehab Guide

Having heart issues can bring up so many feelings- use my free Emotional Cardiac Rehab Mindset to take care of yourself during this time. 

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Mock up of Cardiac Terminology Guide

Are you confused by cardiac terminology?

 It’s a glossary of commonly used heart and vascular-related medical terms. Explanations of words used to discuss or describe heart illnesses and treatments. Speak the same language as your GP, Cardiologist or Medical Specialist.

FREE FB Support Group- Smoking Hearts Quitters Club

Smoking Hearts Community

If you are a smoker or vaper that wants to quit and has had a heart attack, cardiac event, or lives with a heart disease diagnosis, this group is for you. You’ll find quit tips and ideas, encouragement, understanding, and make new friends.

In this community, we will help each other to quit and support each other as we do.

My Heart and Mind FREE FB Support Group

My Heart & Mind Support Group

This community is for people who have experience of a cardiac event and is having difficulty managing the emotional side of rehabilitation. Primarily this group is a safe and nurturing place for you (and your partner) if you have had heart-related problems such as a heart attack, transplant, cardiac arrest or have been diagnosed with heart disease etc.

Mock up of Cardiac Terminology Guide

FREE Guided Relaxation

 Try a FREE 20 minute Guided Relaxation recording aimed at making you feeling good. Sit back, get comfortable, and feel the stress melt away, leaving a feeling of calm and peace behind. Stress is a risk factor for those with cardiac disease, so reducing your stress is very important.  

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