Success stories

Sallie Crawley at My Heart & Mind. How 2 Feel Good NowHere are some of the reviews and positive things that my clients are saying. I’m so happy to find that my services are such a success and are beneficial to so many people.


Client testimonial for sleeping issues from Jane
“I have had 6 out of 7 good night’s sleep – thank you!”

Client testimonial for Indian head massage from Gregor
“This was my first ever massage and it was definitely worth the wait. An incredibly relaxing experience and days later I’m still feeling the benefits. The soothing music and scented oils combined to create a wonderful atmosphere.”

Client testimonial for weight-loss from Sue
“My friends keep telling me ‘it’s good to have Sue back again’. It does feel great, I have been to the gym regularly and sleeping better. I feel fantastic, really really good, even people at work have noticed. Thank you ever so much the change is amazing, I can’t believe it”

Client testimonial for phobias from Kelly
“After having one session of hypnotherapy with you to help battle my phobia of being put under anaesthesia. I am feeling very good about everything. Thank you so much for all your help. I would thoroughly recommend you to all of my friends I feel a lot more positive.”

Client testimonial for weight-loss from Adelaide
“I feel absolutely amazing and so far yet again the Hypnotherapy has worked amazing for me. I have not touched Chocolate, cake or Biscuits since I saw you and I feel totally amazing. Sorry to not see you again, but totally amazing.”

Client testimonial for addictions from Charlotte
“I just wanted to say thank you. For all your help it has definitely worked for both and so feeling much happier. Thank you for everything all the best.”

Client testimonial for self esteem from Helen
“Thank you for all you time, interest, commitment and encouragement you have given me. I really do ‘feel good now’ and I have a saner perspective. I have really appreciated your warmth and character.”

Client testimonial for anxiety from Gabrielle
“After being diagnosed with Anxiety I saw Sallie for a couple of sessions of NLP. This was to help me overcome my fear of driving. I also had some hypnotherapy with Sallie to increase my overall confidence as not being able to drive had a knock on effect for other things in my life. I feared going into crowded places such as supermarkets, bars, meetings etc. It took over my life so much so that I didn’t want to venture out the house at all at one stage. Sallie helped me to realise that I shouldn’t put pressure on myself and to take it one step at a time. After the NLP, she started to set small tasks such as just driving down the road outside my house.

Once I got back on the road again my confidence began to grow daily. Sallie was always extremely positive and made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel.”

Client testimonial for depression from Dave
“Sallie Crawley – what can I say? Practitioner of NLP and general star! After years of pills, depression and even a counsellor I began to think that there was no out from the long-term rut I’d found myself in. That is until I had my first session with Sallie. From that day on I found myself growing more confident and happy with every passing day. I didn’t think any form of treatment could have such a positive effect, in such a short space of time. My general mood has lifted; I no longer suffer from anxiety as I did on a daily basis before the NLP sessions began.

Don’t believe me – try it yourself, you’ll be amazed.”

Client testimonial for executive coaching from Jean
“Many thanks for the support and guidance you gave me in dealing with what would have been a very emotional meeting had I not had the benefit of coaching sessions with you. When I was advised that my job had been cut by 40% and that I was facing possible redundancy, I felt betrayed on two levels – that my job was no longer valued as important by my employer, and that my years of dedication to the job over and above paid hours, effectively counted for nothing.

I came to you wanting to be in control of my emotions (and my life) so that I could be objective at the meeting and put forward the strategic view, rather than becoming overwhelmed with emotion and not getting my point across. I was amazed at how quickly the sessions produced results. In just two short sessions, I was able to conduct the meeting with my line manager and personnel, in a controlled and focused manner, which I believe took everyone (including myself!) by surprise.

The light trance hypnosis was particularly beneficial in focusing my subconscious in a way that built up my self-confidence, and this has had a lasting effect. I am now very much in control and am looking forward to the exciting changes that are happening in my life just now. I haven’t made a decision on my job and am taking the opportunity to look around and see what I really want to do with the rest of my working life. Thank you for helping me see the possibilities and giving me the courage and ability to meet these challenges head on and get the best out of it for me.

The sessions were excellent value for money, and I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.”

Client testimonial for life coaching from Rachel
“I have found the sessions I have had with Sallie incredibly helpful. It was particularly helpful to share my thought processes with her. I found that committing to actions with Sallie, made me much more likely to follow them through.

Sallie helped me to identify those areas of my life that needed the most attention using a goal setting form. We then took the priorities areas and looked at them in more detail. Sallie asked me questions to help me identify possible actions I could to take to move me towards my goals. In particular I noticed that she focussed in on certain things I said, and by sensitive questioning, helped me to realise that they were perhaps having more impact on my life than I had realised myself.

Specifically, working with Sallie has enabled me to improve my level of fitness and self-confidence, feeling of control over my finances and friendships. Over the period that we worked together I had some significant changes to my life, which changed my own priorities. Sallie was able to be flexible with me on the things I had originally identified as priorities, so that we could keep in touch with my new priorities. At the same time she did not forget any of our earlier conversations, and regularly checked back to see what was still relevant, and what still needed action.

I found it particularly helpful that Sallie listed my action points clearly and gave me copies of these to refer to, together with the dates we had agreed to complete them by.

Overall I found Sallie very easy to talk to about all subject areas. Although I know she had a specific purpose in mind – to help me achieve my goals, all of the conversations felt very natural and this made the process very comfortable for me. Thanks very much to Sallie for all her hard work and patience!”

Client testimonial for revision coaching from Nicola
“Sallie helped me on my focus, organisation and commitment to my Higher National Diploma Course in Business.

Sallie asked me several questions, which allowed me to gather the main benefits and achievements I wanted to gain from my sessions with her. Relaying these answers to an impartial person allowed me to see clearly just what I could gain from achieving my course, this immediately heightened my commitment.

Sallie’s second technique was to get me to look at all the work that needed to be done in order to achieve my qualification. She asked me to estimate the length of time each assignment would take. Then the amount of time in which there was to do it. We then set about writing a timetable and check list stating the deadlines, this was so I had everything clearly in front of me in writing. This was an important element of the session as it allowed me to see just exactly how much work there was to do and that it was achievable. This gave me a high level of focus and organisation.

Sallie then asked me to see if there was any further information I needed from my tutors and peers in order to make my task ahead easier. We again devised a checklist and deadlines in which to ensure these were done.

During the weeks leading up to my deadline date Sallie kept in touch to ensure that I was on track and was still in high spirits. On occasions this was not the case. Her positive words and references to our earlier discussion on what I wished to gain and achieve soon reversed the matter.

I also had an issue with returning to a course I had taken so much time off from. This I felt was due to the fear of what others would say and also the fatigue I felt when waking in the mornings. Sallie asked me to look at the worst-case scenario of what others would think of me and asked me to weigh this against the importance of what I could achieve. This allowed me to focus on what was important and this truly was not what others would say. Sallie also kept in contact with me by text on the first two mornings on my return to college to offer me a few words of positivity and to ensure I would wake up. This gave me enthusiasm and filled me with energy in the morning, just knowing there was someone supporting me, who believed in me.

Thanks to the techniques used by Sallie I was able to complete a course I initially felt was far from my reach. I truly could not have achieved my qualification without Sallie.”

Client testimonial for Indian head massage from Elaine
“Sallie’s Indian Head Massage was a wonderfully relaxing experience. Right from the start, Sallie offered options to ensure the treatment was perfect for me. She prepared well ensuring my comfort throughout and that she had everything to hand so’s not to disturb. An Indian Head Massage, despite it’s name, also extends to the neck, shoulders, and sometimes the arms too. Many years ago I had an amazing arm massage, and ever since have hoped for similar at every massage. Sallie was the first to match that wonderful experience, I’m very much looking forward to many more treatments from her! What also stood out for me, was the sense of caring that came across during the massage. Amazing. Thank you very much! I’ll be back!”

Client testimonial for life coaching from Catrina
“Before starting coaching with Sallie I was very unfocused. There was so much I needed to sort out that I was almost overwhelmed with it all and therefore hid my head in the sand and did nothing. I couldn’t decide where to start; I knew where I wanted to be but had no idea how to get there. It was going through a huge change, after spending five years at home with my daughter and successfully getting her started in her school life knew it was now time to focus on me and what I wanted to do.

I have found having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off really helpful. Sallie has focused me and enabled me to think about all aspects of my life, what is most urgent, using short, medium, long term goals. It really took the pressure off me and has made me realise that some things are not going to change overnight and that’s okay. As long as I know I am working towards it has given me huge confidence. Also after agreeing to dates when to achieve things with Sallie I have done them. Its easy to promise yourself you will do things and never get them done. But knowing I was going to see Sallie and she would ask has spurred me on to achieve my goals.

Over the months working with Sallie my priorities have changed. Sallie has successfully adapted my sessions to deal with these things as they have come up but has a great ability to see the bigger picture and remind me of my original goals and how much I have achieved.

I am now in the middle of an Access course and next September hopefully will be off to university. It’s all down to Sallie’s sessions and I have found her help immeasurable. She has been a sensitive listener and has picked up on things in my life that I didn’t even realise were holding me back. By emailing me the goals and things I have agreed to get done before the next session keeps me on the right track, knowing someone wants you to achieve and succeed on my down days keeps me up there. Being a single mum and a full time student is hard. But since starting with Sallie I know I can do it!”

Client testimonial for confidence from Chris
“Since having my sessions with Sallie I feel I am more in control of my own thoughts and feelings. Not only have the sessions helped me in a very positive way but they have helped me develop tools to help myself, to understand myself and the way my thought processes work. Highly recommended (Sallie’s really great too!!!!)”

Client testimonial for Indian head massage from Beth
“What a wonderful experience! Sallie made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed throughout. All of the stress and worry I had before hand went out of the window during my session. I felt my whole body relax and all tension left. Honestly I didn’t want the session to end, I was far too comfortable to move. I would highly recommend this to friends and family. It will be a treat that I look forward to having in the future.”

Client testimonial for confidence coaching from Eloisa
“Being coached was a fantastic experience. Initially by working through all areas of my life, Sallie assisted me in identifying the areas of great importance. This enabled me to concentrate initially on the area that would make the greatest difference to my life.

Sallie has encouraged me and supported me through the times that have proven difficult; she has celebrated my successes and made me aware that sometimes it’s the small things that make the real difference. At times, Sallie has challenged me. This have given me pause for thought and to evaluate ‘is this really what I want?’ and ‘can I really achieve this, in this time frame?’ Through thorough questioning I have been able to find my own solutions. I have often surprised myself that I have had the answers all along.

Sallie suggested that I should write down my goals, and to break down the steps necessary to accomplish them. This has helped me a lot. I no longer feel like I am going in circles or not know what I am doing. On occasions I have had a session and the area I have wished to work on has changed. Sallie has been flexible and understanding, allowing me to work through the new issue. But has diligently quizzed me on the commitments made at the previous session.

Working with Sallie has been a very worthwhile experience.  Without her backing and guidance I would not have achieved the following. a) asked for a pay rise, b) set myself up in business to increase my income, c) been out on dates – it’s been 5 years and d) had the faith and belief in myself that I now have.

Coaching has changed my life for the better, thank you very much – change yours too, get in touch with Sallie.”