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If you want to quit smoking and have had a heart attack, surgery or live with heart disease, this FREE group is here for you!

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If you are a smoker or vaper that wants to quit and has had a heart attack, heart surgery, cardiac event, or live with a heart disease diagnosis, this group is for you. You may have tried to quit but haven’t quite managed it yet. Maybe you did quit originally but have gone back to smoking. Perhaps you want to quit vaping and be free from the addiction to nicotine.

This group is a safe and nurturing place for you to support each other. I have created it so you can discuss smoking without feeling judged or feeling like you’ve failed. It’s a place where you can share ideas, tips, experiences and ask for support. You can speak freely and openly, ask for help, accountability, and what worked for others. It is not for encouraging smoking.


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There is a lot of pressure to quit smoking when you have heart health issues. Not least of all this pressure comes from yourself. You want to live a life of freedom from the habit, feel more in control of your life, have a healthier heart, and enjoy living life happy. You are fed up with the thoughts that cross your mind, that you are actually killing yourself or shortening your time with loved ones.

Maybe that’s too strong but have you had those thoughts?


In this community, we will help each other to quit and support each other as we do. Word of warning in my experience people that are still smoking, do not want others to quit as it makes them feel lousy that they can’t do it themselves. And that is okay, we need to be honest with ourselves and face this together.

I am passionate about this because I had a heart attack in 2016. I was a smoker since the age of 14 and was 52 when I had my MI. I quit from the moment that I was blue lighted to the Cath Lab and thought I would never smoke again. However, I did! It was harder to quit the second time, mainly because the shock element was missing and I wasn’t in the hospital for a week, I guess.

I am a hypnotherapist and life coach, who has spent over 14 years working with individuals to quit smoking despite being a smoker myself. Since my heart attack, I realised there were gaps in the support that cardiac patients received emotionally and practically so I started the My Heart & Mind Community.



It was from my group and other heartie groups that realised there were others like me that had continued or restarted smoking or vaping that desperately wanted to stop. This is why I formed this group; I will share what I know and the first thing is that you can think, feel and behave differently.



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