Steve Wrigley was flying home when he had a cardiac arrest on a plane.

Steve Wrigley was flying home when he had a cardiac arrest on a plane.

Prior to this Steve was was fit and healthy, he loved adventure holidays that revolved around cycling.

He went with friends he’d met on previous adventures on a trip to Bali. Steve shares his story of amazing luck as he survived two accidents on his bike. Then the third event when he was on his way home. He had a cardiac arrest caused by a heart attack while 30,000 feet up in the sky.

Steve describes waking up in Singapore, not remembering anything other than plugging his phone when he first got on the plane.

He tells me about his ‘heroes’ how his friends, the flight crew and the pilot saved his life but he did forget to tell me about his broken ribs due to receiving lifesaving CPR.

He also shares with us his recommended book and his tips for recovery, and his life now.

His story starts and ends with chocolate, Cadbury’s Heroes!

His story starts and ends with chocolate, Cadbury's Heroes!

How you can access the resources that were mentioned in this episode:

Dale Carnegie on Facebook

Amazon Book: How to worrying and start living

Amazon Book: How to win friends and influence people

British Heart Foundation – Beating heartbreak together

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