Swapping one addiction for another?

I wanted to know how to stop smoking naturally. There is the option to take medication to help you quit the fags but that’s not for everyone and can have some nasty side effects. Like me do you want to stop smoking without swapping smoking tobacco for another fix of nicotine just in a different form of delivery.

Read on to learn about some other ways that don’t involve nicotine replacement such as patches, gum or moving to a vape. They can of course be used in combination of these but they are pure, pleasant and mean that you don’t put any other chemicals in your body.


Like all habits, smoking is controlled by the unconscious part of the mind. Hypnosis is an altered state that allows us to access your unconscious mind. It is provided with new ideas and suggestions that are more beneficial to you, replacing the old beliefs about smoking. Once your unconscious is reprogrammed you don’t have to try not to smoke; the urge is simply no longer there.

A study by researchers at the American College of Chest Physicians in 2007 compared hypnosis to NRT. 50% of the people who were in the hypnotherapy group were still quit at 26 weeks compared to 15.78% in the nicotine replacement group. The group that was treated with NRT and hypnotherapy also experienced a 50-per cent success rate at 26 weeks.

In 1992, New Scientist magazine analysed the results of almost 600 different surveys worldwide. This involved approximately 72,000 people. These surveys asked smokers about their actual experiences using different stop smoking methods. It’s the largest stop smoking study of its type, these are the reported success rates.

60% had stopped smoking with one session of hypnosis
24% had stopped with acupuncture
10% had stopped using NRT
6% had stopped with just willpower alone

Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax

Pros: Hypnotherapy is drug-free. It addresses physical addiction, the habit and behaviours. Hypnotherapists work with your emotions and feelings about smoking, what life will be like as a non-smoker and any previous attempts at stopping. It increases your motivation to stop smoking. Helping you manage any particular concerns you have such as needing to reduce stress or fear of putting on weight. Your therapist will tailor your sessions specifically to your needs to make sure you get the result you want. It works alongside many other methods to quit smoking such as medication and NRT.

Cons: It can be expensive. Finding the right therapist is crucial. You have to want to give up smoking.

Investment: The cost ranges from £170 to £495 for anything from a 1 to 3 session programme.

Alan Carr’s EasyWay book

It’s been described as ‘a real smoker’s way to quit’. As you read the book you continue smoking until you’re ready to put out your last cigarette. It doesn’t focus on the downsides of smoking. Instead, the EasyWay answers the question ‘What’s so great about being a smoker?’ You will understand that is the key to being set free.

Pros: Many people including many celebrities have used this method to stop smoking so it comes highly recommended. Buying the book to read or listen to as audio is inexpensive. It is an easy and effective way to quit smoking and an interesting read. It works by changing your mindset and beliefs around smoking. There are also online seminars, face to face groups or 1:1 seminars available for you to attend.

Cons: If you don’t act at the end of reading the book it is unlikely you will pick it up and give it another go. Whilst the book is inexpensive the cost of seminars raises your investment but there is a money-back guarantee.

Allen Carr book Easy way to stop smoking

Click the image to find out more about the contents.

Investment: At the time of writing this article, the book is £8.64 and the book with an audio CD is £14.39. The online video is £189.00, a group live seminar is £329.00 and a 1:1 personal live seminar is £1649.00.

A challenge with friends or family

This is where you all get together and decide on a quit date and whatever method each person prefers. An incentive can be added such as: if you quit quitting you have to pay everyone £100.00! It can add some away from motivation.

Overlapped hands agreeing to stop smoking

Let’s do this together!

Pros: It’s great for accountability and can help with motivation. You will feel great as each day passes with your success and by encouraging others you will be encouraging yourself. You can celebrate small successes with each other, eg 1 day, 1 week, a month, 3 months etc.

Cons: It could be really expensive if you don’t stay being a quitter if there is a consequence involved. You may become a secret smoker so you don’t have to confess or feel like a failure. If others admit to smoking it can make it alright for you to have a drag.

Investment: It could be completely free depending on what method you use. It could cost you the agreed amount if you aren’t successful plus any methods you use.

What next?

Keep an open mind, consider all your options and trust your intuition.

Remember it may not be black or white what might work for you could be a combination of two or more of the methods.

Now that wraps it up, for now, I am sure that you have plenty to think about as you move through the preparation stage to begin the action.