Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together

Thomas Dekker

This online programme is for you if you want to change and improve your sleep pattern. You will explore, learn and make simple changes to your sleep habits. It’s for you if you just want to sleep easy and dream deep. You can have more energy and less fatigue.

Sleeping Easy

Though sleep is called our best friend, it is a friend who often keeps us waiting!             Jules Verne

Let’s improve your sleep!

Join others just like you who want to improve their sleep. Everyone will have a similar experience of sleep problems and really want to feel better so they can get a good night’s sleep. After spending some time learning and applying each week over 6 weeks you will be able to:

1. use the techniques that will enable you to sleep easy
2. create a personalised sleep plan and know how to adjust it
3. attain your realistic sleep goal
4. reduce your anxiety and have more energy
5. understand the need to think, act and feel differently
6. hold positive beliefs about your ability to get a good night’s sleep
7. and stay in contact with your new friends

Time for change - Smoking Cessation

You are ready? If you change nothing, nothing will change!

So what’s it all about?

Week 1

Is about getting to know each other and feeling comfortable and safe with each other and me. To understand a little about the process of sleep and why you should improve your sleep. Share experiences with each other so you feel less alone. Discover what keeps you awake at night. You’ll also participate in a 15 minute guided relaxation with a download for you to use at home.

• Learn about why we sleep, how we sleep and the importance of sleep.
• Explore insomnia what it is and how it can start.
• Create a sleep goal and start a sleep journal.
• Experience guided relaxation and how it can help you improve your sleep.

Week 2

This is where you’ll get to discover how your thoughts and beliefs influence your ability to sleep. Share what you do to help you sleep with others. Gain an understanding of how behaviours and your bedroom can affect your sleep. Find out about what changes you might need to make to help you get you a good night’s sleep.

• Learn how sleep works and how our beliefs can affect your sleep.
• Explore the changes we can make to our environment and behaviour.
• Share your experiences, top tips and ideas about how to improve your sleep.
• Experience the importance of change and how it works.

Week 3

During this week you will create your personalised sleep consolidation plan and schedule.  Learn how your mind can help you to get you a good night’s sleep. You’ll experience a group hypnosis for sleep session along with a download to use yourself alone at home.

• Learn about sleep consolidation to help create a new habit.
• Explore the unconscious mind and how you can use your mind to help you sleep
• Create a new sleep schedule based on your journal.
• Experience hypnosis to help you improve your sleep.

Week 4

You will evaluate your sleep plan and move into the sleep expansion phase. There are activities to demonstrate your mind-body connection. You’ll experience quick and easy ways to relax and calm or raise your energy and reduce fatigue during the day. You will learn top tips to help your body, help you to sleep.

• Learn about sleep expansion to get a longer night’s sleep.
• Explore how it’s not just about being in bed that affects your sleep.
• Create an understanding of how you can help your body help you sleep.
• Experience the mind-body connection through various techniques.

Week 5

This week will be specifically tailored to your group’s requirements from previous sessions. You’ll also find out how problem-solving and meditation can help you have peaceful sleep. You will discover and understand why looking after yourself is key to your wellness and rest.

• Learn about the importance of change and why self-care is important for sleep.
• Explore simple problem-solving and how it can help.
• Create potential solutions for problems that may be affecting your sleep.
• Experience meditation and how this can help solve problems and improve your sleep.

Week 6

Again this week the session is adjusted personalised to your group’s direction. There will be about how having purpose and goal setting is crucial for a good night’s rest. You’ll review your sleep goal progress and adjust for the future. You will also have the opportunity to share top tips on how to improve your sleep with your future self. 

• Learn why and how goal setting and having a purpose is important.
• Explore your sleep goal from session and review of the previous weeks.
• Create a purposeful goal, understanding what you need to achieve it.
• Experience writing a letter to your future self.

Where and when can you improve your sleep?

My improve your sleep programmes are held digitally online using Zoom. It includes a private Facebook or WhatsApp group for discussions, support, and questions.

They are held consecutively once a week for 6 sessions. This is to allow you to put into practice all that you have learned and change to happen for discussion the following week.

Places are limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people to ensure support, confidentiality, and trust.

Register now and get on the Wait List, payment is only due when a date is set and you’re able to attend. You can unsubscribe at any time.