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My time on the other side of the mic. Hear how I didn’t realise I was having a heart attack.

A few months ago, I invited Brian Simpson, the Heart Attack Thriver to be on my podcast. He turned the tables on me and invited me to be his guest on his IGTV show. He kindly allowed me to use the audio to share some of my story with you.

You’ll get to find out why I think I am so lucky despite having my leg in plaster and having a heart attack. Then 8 weeks later having a cancer diagnosis that couldn’t be operated on as my event was so recent and that I was on ticagrelor (antiplatelet medication).

Enough from me right now, over to me a few weeks ago.

Here are the links that I mentioned in our conversation:

Getting to know Sallie Crawley

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Survivorship after a life-changing event can be challenging. You can rebuild the puzzle of your life and thrive. It takes one beat at a time and the support of people that have had similar experiences.

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