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Tony tells us about the day when his heart attack started and how he thought he had COVID. 

In January 2020 Tony decided to change his life and pursue his passion working as a dog behaviourist. It was probably not the best timing but he made the best of things. Little did he know that in February 2021 his life was turned upside down once again.

Tony tells us about the day when his heart attack started and how he thought he had COVID, so went home and took himself off to bed. 

Later after a call to 111, the ambulance was called and Tony was taken to hospital having a major heart attack.

This was particularly hard on all the family as not only was Tony seriously unwell but his wife and family weren’t able to be with him while he was hospitalised. It was over 4 hours before he could get word out that he was okay.

After discharge there was no cardiac rehabilitation and little contact with his GP, Tony explains how he felt and still does as this interview was only four months after his event.

He shares with us what he learnt from the experience, how he has remained positive and his tips that helped him through his recovery.

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Survivorship after a life-changing event can be challenging. You can rebuild the puzzle of your life and thrive. It takes one beat at a time and the support of people that have had similar experiences.

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