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Angela is an exercise coach and a cardiac nurse. In the last seven years, she’s been specialising in cardiac rehabilitation exercise.

She has quite a unique combination of skills. We chat about how in the UK cardiac rehab is provided for most patients via the NHS and how important it is to have the proper instructions for the wellbeing of our hearts during the healing process and how to achieve it.

She explains to us why cardiac rehab it different to just going out for a run or going down the gym and how to make the best of doing exercise at home.

Cardiac rehabilitation exercise on your terms

We also discuss how you know if you are doing too much or too little.

Angela shares some important dos and don’ts. We talk about the beliefs we might hold about bodies and how it can be possible for certain people to get back to higher intensity exercise.

And we discuss how the medications we take to reduce our risk factors can often impact our ability to exercise and why it is important that we take the meds and do the work.  

You can contact and find out more about Angela here:

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