How having a heart attack changed his life for the better. Brian suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 48.

Prior to that he was exceptionally healthy and lived a very active life. His heart attack occurred during an Ice Hockey match and he spent 20-25 minutes on his own in the dark unable to move.

Did the Heart Attack Thriver see the light?

Despite there being a number of factors that seemed to make the situation difficult, he was lucky in so many ways including having paramedics having a Tim Hortons coffee (it’s famous in Canada). He’s lucky to be alive as they were so close.

He describes his experience in the Cath Lab, his opportunity to take part in a pilot and his magnificent cardiac recovery – his heart health before the heart attack gave him the edge in recovery.

After suffering a life-changing heart attack over 4 years ago, he set out to change how I was showing up in the world. He left a 25-year marriage, his job in a big pharmaceutical company and travelled extensively on his motorcycle through Canada, the USA and Central America searching for his purpose in life and ultimately happiness. 

Brian shares with us his acceptance of abuse as a young child. How it created anger, guilt and shame. A secret and pain that he stuffed down into his broken heart. Stress the source of heartbreak and the major risk factor of his heart attack.

Alleviating stress for cardiac health

Meditation was and still is a key element in helping Brian manage stress and heal his heart. Brian believes that stress is one of the main contributors to his heart attack and likely to be behind many other people’s heart health diagnosis.

A chance meeting with a Monk at an airport, the circumstances that followed. Then later his journey to India plays an important part in his life, and how he now focuses on helping other people through meditation and mindset coaching.

He explains how much he has changed as a person; his friends say he is unrecognisable from the man he was before. Not physically as he is as fit and healthy as he was before but emotionally, how he chooses to be in this life. He admits to being a recovering negative talker.

This is a fascinating interview, and I suggest you stop by and listen to what Brian has to say. He is ‘The Heart Attack Thriver’ and he has a check list too.

You can find Brian here

Instagram: @theheartattackthriver
Facebook Group: The Heart Attack Thriver
Coaching practice: The Kindfulness Coach

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