Sanjay made a massive difference to my state of mind during the early days of my recovery from my heart attack. A random stranger and an act of random kindness.

For Sanjay, a series of life challenges culminating in a heart attack by the age of 42 contributed to some hard and fast lessons for Sanjay in how to live a more fulfilled life without sacrificing career, relationships and health. He has survived and thrived through 3 hear attacks in total.

He experienced his second heart attack whilst working out in a gym and got to see the inside of the state of the arts Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

He explains what he means by his saying ‘are you living to die or dying to live’.

Sanjay talks about his challenges in making life style changes to reduce his risk factors.

We talk about how his third heart attack whilst smaller than his previous ones it made a bigger impact.

He shares his top tips that helped his recovery and talks about emotional intelligence and keeps it simple using a car as a metaphor so it’s easy to understand.

And stay to the end so you can hear his controversial thoughts!

So, let’s meet … Sanjay

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