How to Get Ready to Stop Smoking and Vaping

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Are you ready to quit smoking or vaping and want to give it a good go this time?

Maybe you’ve tried to quit before and found it more difficult than you thought:

  • You like the social aspect of going out for a cigarette
  • You enjoy taking short breaks throughout the day to have a ciggy
  • Going cold turkey made you absolutely miserable

The truth is, you’re just so used to smoking, you can’t see life without smoking. What will you do with yourself if you stop smoking? What if you start overeating? You will feel awkward not going out for a cigarette with your friends.
You will lose those few minutes of peace you get when you go out for a cigarette break…

I have been through it- as a lifelong smoker of X years I know exactly how it feels. I had to make a drastic life change when I experienced a cardiac arrest- and smoking was one of the life changes I wanted to make for my health.

I have since guided over X of people to quit smoking and make better health choices- so I know a trick or two when it comes to quitting smoking for good.

I have created this FREE guide with over 30 easy to digest ideas to get you in the right mindset and preparation for quitting smoking. If you are thinking of quitting smoking it will help get you the right foundations to make a success of it.

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My Heart & Mind Podcast

Hi, I’m Sallie Crawley

I am passionate about helping people to quit smoking because I had a heart attack in 2016. I was a smoker since the age of 14 and was 52 when I had my MI. I quit from the moment that I was blue lighted to the Cath Lab and thought I would never smoke again. However, I did! It was harder to quit the second time, mainly because the shock element was missing and I wasn’t in the hospital for a week, I guess.

I am a hypnotherapist and life coach, who has spent over 14 years working with individuals to quit smoking despite being a smoker myself. Since my heart attack, I realised there were gaps in the support that cardiac patients received emotionally and practically so I started the My Heart & Mind Community and Smoking Hearts communities. 

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