Heart Health Management at Home Support Workbook


It’s about everyday life after a heart attack, cardiac event or heart surgery! It gives you emotional and practical support.



This book gives emotional and practical support for when arriving home from the hospital. It’s about everyday life. Life after a heart attack, cardiac event or heart surgery! It is about positive psychology and empowerment through survivorship to thriving in your new life. It complements the advice from cardiologists, medical specialists, nutritionists, and physical rehab teams.

You can read about shared experiences from people that have been through similar life changes that will bring you comfort. You’ll learn about what you can expect in the early days of recovery at home, understand how your family may be feeling and how they can help you to feel better and get stronger.

It will support you with the practical side of life after a heart attack or surgery. Helping you to prepare for appointments, get to know your medications and what they do for you. There is a glossary so you will be able to decipher the terms that are used to describe your condition and treatment.

There are actionable advice, tips and tricks to help manage your thoughts and feelings. Along with ideas to help you with sleeping better, begin to feel happier, soothe any pain or discomfort and start preparing to quit smoking or help you keep on track.

Also included are 7 FREE activity sheets for you to download and print as many times as you need. Plus a twenty-minute Guided Relaxation for you to download. You can listen to it daily to help promote wellbeing, calm and relaxation.

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